Missing Types Campaign

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The American Red Cross is launching the “Missing Types Campaign” to highlight the need for new blood donors. Leading Blood Industry Expert Chris Hrouda explained why the campaign is needed right now.

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The summer months are particularly difficult in terms of blood donations.

"I think this is a particular rough time for us as we've seen our donor bases decline over the last several years. Actually over the last four years, we've seen about an 80,000 donor decline in available donors so this is a particularly vulnerable time for us."

The Red Cross released results from a recent national survey, which highlighted the public's misconception about the need for blood.

"About 75% of the public believed that blood donations and blood use was much less frequent than it actually is. In fact, I think most people in the survey felt like blood might be used every 15 minutes and some people even thought every hour or maybe two hours. In reality, the need for blood is about every 2 seconds."

Another one of the key findings from the survey is people believing that they need to know their blood type before they can donate. Hrouda said this is absolutely not true.

There's several ways to participate and make a donation. You can sign up on the Red Cross's website, you can call at 1-800-redcross or you can download the free app and schedule an appointment.

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