Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is almost here, and the toughest question is always, what do I get for dad? Well, here to help is father of three and former NBA champion John ‘Spider’ Salley with his top choices. 

"The first thing isn't really small it just fits into your pocket, and that's the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze game for Nintendo Switch. You can take this with you as I said, you can play with other people co-operative. It's the Donkey Kong from 1981 when it first came out, so I know I used to love playing it, Dixie Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, those are all the things we are used to hearing but now they got a new one in case you know you are less experienced it's called Funky Kong. Everybody can get into it and you can create new memories with this wonderful game and you can take this switch with you anywhere you go. So you can have your kids, you can put them on the other end, it's like playing thumb war but instead you're playing with Nintendo switch Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

The second gift is a thing that I use, the Philips Norelco Shaver Three Thousand. The comfort blade system's rounded edges move smoothly over your skin. It has three heads but it has 4 direction with all these three heads and you can get this at Walmart, you can get it from Target, and you can get it for under 50 dollars.

The biggest one is the LG super HD TV with AI Tinq Technology, nano cell technology. It has an expanded color gallery, full of ray of black light and LG deep learning Tinq Technology is integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can command your television , it can control the functions, it can order food, it could, pretty soon I guess be making phone calls, I'm not going to say that yet because they didn't tell me, but this television does it all. Those three things are great and the TV is under 25 hundred dollars, you can't say that about a lot of things.  You want to make your dad happy? Go get all three things and tell them John sent you."


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