Wildwood Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Arrest

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The Wildwood Police Department has released body camera footage of the moments leading up to a violent arrest on the beach over Memorial Day weekend.

In the first part of the video, you can see the officer approaching 20 year-old Emily Weinman and give her a breathalyzer test after being suspected of underage drinking.

The officer then asks for Weinman's age and the whereabouts of her aunt.

Weinman claims alcohol in a cooler belongs to her aunt and she tries to call her on her cell phone.

In the second part, you can hear Weinman arguing with the officer about having alcohol and says she's not drinking it.

The officer repeatedly asked Weinman's name and she refuses to give it, claiming she is not breaking any laws.

The officer then attempts to arrest Weinman after she doesn't give her name and that's when Weinman starts to back away.

She steps away from the officer telling him not to touch her and appears to even push him.

Later on the body cam video, you can see the officer grabbing Weinman's head and holding he down in the sand.

She screams for the officer to get off of her and claims the officer is choking her.

The footage shows the officer hitting Weinman in the head.

Weinman also appears to spit on an officer. Police eventually handcuff her and put her in a patrol car.

The Cape May Prosecutors Office is still investigating the incident and it's expected to be complete in the next few days.

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