Starbucks Stores To Close For Diversity Training

On Tuesday afternoon, thousands of Starbucks locations across the country will close for diversity training.

This comes after video of Philadelphia Police officers arresting two black men at a Center City Starbucks in April for not buying anything or leaving the store sparked outrage across the country.

The company will give each store a tool kit as a guide.

The employees will break into small groups, talk about their own experiences and watch a film about African-American history.

In April, video of Philadelphia Police officers arresting two black men at the Starbucks on Spruce and 18th Streets sparked outrage.

The video went viral online racking up millions of views and set off a firestorm that sparked protests against Starbucks.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson even flew all the way to Philadelphia to apologize to the two men in person.

No charges were filed against the men and they each settled separately with the city for "one dollar" each.

City officials promised to set up a $200,000 dollar program for young entrepreneurs.

Starbucks also reached an undisclosed financial settlement and changed its policy, saying that people can now gather in it's stores and patios  even if they do not buy drinks.

The company also has about seven thousand licensed stores that won't be closing. Those include locations in places like airports. hotels, and grocery stores.