Old City Jewish Arts Center

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Jewish Arts Center is a welcoming, artistic environment with an incredible sense of community that is felt by all who walk through the door. And in this segment, Rabbi Zash, the Director of the gallery, tells us about all there is to see and eat on First Fridays at The Jewish Arts Center. One of the best things about the JAC is that it is a welcoming space for anyone, no matter where you are from, what your religion may be, or your ethnic background. Everyone is encouraged to stop by and enjoy the arts together. Plus, the exhibitions change every month, so each First Friday you can expect to see something different. We chat with artist Barbara Hines, who is the creative mind behind their latest exhibit “Spotlight on Joseph.” Don’t miss the next First Friday at The Old City jewish Arts Center.

Learn more about The Jewish Arts Center at www.ocjac.org/