Summer 2018’s Hottest Collectibles

*The following post is sponsored.

Schools are wrapping up soon and one question parents will face is how to keep their kids happy and safe this summer. Child Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Werner has some ideas.

Collectibles are expected to be popular again this summer season and with Spin Master's Twisty Petz kids get a two-for-one deal.

"Gem bracelets easily transform with just a couple of twists into adorable collectible animals. There's 70 different animals to collect. They come in rainbows, pastels, name it."

Kids can wear them, collect them and trade them.

Remember Pikmi Pops? They're back with season two!

"They look like big lollipops and they're filled with sweet surprises inside - scented mini plushies, notebooks, sticker sheets, nail decals, pencil cases, key rings or erasers."

The next generation of this toy is the Pikmi Pops PushMiUps.

"When they unbox these by popping them open, out comes confetti and a little tiny Pikmi plushy. All of those smell delicious. They're 12 of them for our little ones to collect."

Now what about the budding scientist? Beaker Creatures is a science-themed collectible set.

"It combines the fun of collecting with hands-on science. Take these amazing reactor pods, pop them in and watch them dissolve. Out they will find their beaker creatures. There are 35 of them."

And of course you'll be heading to the pool this summer. For the very little ones, Werner brought SwimWays' baby spring float activity center.

"It has all the bells and octopus that twirls with toys in it, a sun visor and when deflated it rolls right up, goes into the carry tote and goes along with you."

Want more information? is a great resource for parents to know a bit more about toy safety and play safety for those summer months.