Revolutionary Water and Ice Development Technology

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Even though the Flyers are out of the playoffs, we love our ice hockey here in Philadelphia. Now there’s a new technology helping arenas and ice rinks when it comes to water and ice development. To tell us more is Hockey Legend Luc Robitaille and Scott Morris, President of BluEco Technology Group.

So how does this system make water from the air?

"Quite simply we use a liquid crystalline system that basically pulls the moisture out of the air. The salt crystals in the liquid formula, strips the moisture out of the air which allows us to produce high quality pure water to be use on the ice sheets for the preseason games this year."

Luc, you're now President of the LA Kings. Why were the Kings interested in helping develop this technology?

"As you always hear in California, we have drought issues and when we started talking with Scott two years back, we realized we could make our own water to make our ice. We thought that was the first win and secondly we could have the same quality of water everyday and make it the best it could be. The more we started studying and taking the humidity out would help us keep ice constantly every day. In LA we have a temp that we want to keep it inside the building. In the past we have to keep it super cool to try to get rid of the humidity inside the building now we can keep it warmer but we keep it the same everyday it has been a success and the player like that the ice is the same everyday so the puck is not bouncing as much."

For more information, head to or call them at 310-954- 0800.

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