Gadgets To Help You Sleep

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Achieving a good night’s sleep is getting a lot easier thanks to innovations in research, science and technology. Internationally recognized sleep expert, Dr. Christopher Winter, has his easy steps and gadgets for a better night’s sleep.

So doctor how can we put our brains to rest?

"How we can put our brains to rest... well that's interesting that's one of the most common questions I get asked. People say they cannot shut their brains off at night and I've got a bunch of products that can really help including one of my favorite that I call the Muse. This is actually a device you can put on your head and it syncs up with your phone. It will train you to settle your mind down to focus your meditation at night. So when you do go to bed at night you are much more prepared to sleep. I use it with my patients and a lot of the athletes that I work with. It's a great thing for people that can't settle their brain at night."

What foods can help us supercharge our sleep?

"Well there's not a food that I'm aware of thats been more studied than Montmorency Tart Cherries. There's around 60 research studies that have been done on this food and juice that look at things from sleep to inflammation to athletic performance. I work with a lot of professional sports team, I actually work with the Philadelphia Phillies. I'll give them a shoutout, they are just about in first place but this food in some studies have been shown to add 84 minutes of sleep to your night if you have 8 ounces in the morning and 8 ounces in the evening. It's delicious they are available year-round very easy to incorporate into your routine.

The Marpac dohm for your bedroom noise is something we don't often consider. The Marpac is a white noise machine that's the gold standard of white noise machines so if you have a noisy bed partner or traffic noise it can really perfectly condition and set the sound in your room.

Temperature is often overlooked when it comes to our sleep. This is the ChiliPAD, and it's actually a mattress pad that pumps water through it so you can perfectly control the temperature that you sleep in. Generally 65 degrees or cooler is best for sleep but if your partner likes a different temperature it's got an independent zone for your temperature and for them too. So you can both have exactly what you want for more information on these products my book, Sleep Solutions is on Amazon. "

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