New Zip-line Course Opens In Fairmount Park

The adventure course company, TreeTop Quest, is opening a new zip line obstacle course in Fairmount Park.

It`s made up of 40 obstacles and almost 20 zip-lines that can take you as high as 60 feet off the ground.

There are different levels for beginners and experienced.

"We teach you how to use all the equipment and we send you out in the tress,” said Scott Ireland, who is the operations manager. “It’s entirely self-guided.”

Ireland said they built the course because the city was looking for ways to bring more people to the park.

“We are 15 minutes from Center City,” he said. “And a lot of people don`t get the opportunity to get out of the city and experience something like this.”

PHL 17's Khiree Stewart gave it a try!

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