Experts Say Kids Aren’t Drinking Enough Milk

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According to experts, one out of two kids is missing out on key nutrients critical for growth. Pediatrician and mom Dr. Tanya Altmann talked about the risk kids are facing.

Children ages nine and up aren't getting enough calcium, vitamin d or potassium. Under the age of nine, they're missing out on vitamin d and potassium.

"The main reason behind this is that kids today just aren't drinking enough real milk anymore. What I try to explain to all the families that are in my office is that there are a lot of non-dairy milk alternatives, but they aren't created equally. It's really important to take a look and read the ingredients."

Dr. Altmann said real dairy milk is a naturally good source of protein and calcium. Non-dairy milk alternatives have a lot of ingredients with fillers and thinners that kids don't need.

"When kids don't get enough of this key nutrition, they don't reach their full height potential, you see more fractures in adolescents and you have more cases of osteoporosis when they get to be adults."

Try incorporating real milk into everyday meals like oatmeal or pancakes. Dr. Altmann's advice?

"Let your kids be involved in grocery shopping, cooking and making snacks. As a parent, be a good role model."