3 Cool New Features Coming to Google Devices

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Google made a number of big announcements during Day 1 of the 2018 I/O Developer Conference. Here’s three of the coolest new features.

1. Smart Text Selection

This feature connects Google Lens with what you're seeing in the real-world. This means you can scan a page of words and Lens will dig up relevant information and pictures related to them. For example if you're at a restaurant and don't recognize a dish on the menu, the smart text selection will show you a picture of it.

The feature also copies texts from pictures and pastes the words directly into your phone.

2. The "Pretty Please" Program

Google doesn't want your kids to grow up bossy and impatient. The home speaker now asks for the magic word when your child gives it a command.

3. Google Assistant Phone Calls

Google Assistant will be able to make phone calls on your behalf. In theory, the assistant will interact as naturally as possible and the person on the other end will have no idea. Creepy or convenient?


Of course Google addressed their cheeseburger and beer emoji controversy. Google's CEO had some fun with the social media scrutiny and showed the audience the latest fixed food emojis. The cheese will now be above the burger patty and the glass of beer will be full.

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