Water Pressure Restored To Airport After Water Main Break

The water is back on at Philadelphia International Airport after a broken water main created a frustrating day of travel for people making their through the airport.

The water main break happened around 5 o'clock Monday afternoon in the economy parking lot.

The airport said the Philadelphia Water Department quickly arrived on the scene to fix the issue, but the problem quickly flowed into the terminal.

The break left the airport with very low water pressure, which made for a nasty situation in the bathrooms.

The low pressure meant that people could not flush the toilets or wash their hands.

Airport staff had to distribute hand sanitizer to people who had to use the restroom. 

Officials also had to suspend cooking service at the restaurants and bars.

Airport officials handed out bottled drinks and packaged food to people.

Crews with the water department were able to restore water pressure around 7:30 Monday evening.

Officials also had to tow several cars out of the parking lot.

PHL 17's Khiree Stewart was live at the scene.