Sweet and Savory Recipes for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is coming up quickly, and that means grilling and entertaining outside.

Chef Giff Salisbury, who is part of a sweet new campaign called “The Cocoa Exchange,” a direct-to-consumer platform that provides a rewarding way to turn a passion for cocoa into a worthwhile profession. Chef also shares his sweet and savory recipes for the holiday.

The Cocoa Exchange is a marketplace for all things cocoa and chocolate. "It's a collection of all of our favorite products, things like our signature martini mix, if you want to throw a great party you can't go wrong with that," said Chef Giff. "It also includes unique things, like a white chocolate honey mustard which is great for dipping pretzels into."

The Cocoa Exchange products can be incorporated into your barbecue this upcoming Memorial Day.

"Chocolate can be your secret ingredient and really surprise your friends," said Chef Giff. "Try making a Korean skewer with our Korean barbecue sauce on it, mixed with our cocoa rub dusted vegetable medley."

Chocolate can even be incorporated into our drinks.

"Try a green chili limeade spiked up with a seltzer," Chef Giff recommends. "It's great because our green chili has white chocolate in it, and it's a really nice blend of sweetness and heat. It's a drink that you just can't put down."

And of course, we can't forget dessert.

"Our signature product is our brownie mix, but I wanted to spice it up a little bit. All I did was cut the brownie in squares and made whipped cream with our blackberry chipotle sauce to spice it up. It gives it a little sweetness. Then just create layers of blueberries and raspberries. It's super quick, and your friends will really be wowed by it."

For more information, visit MyTCESite.com.

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