We Spoke To The Stars Of The New Drama Series, ‘Sweetbitter’

Based on the best selling book Sweetbitter is now a Starz Original Television Series. It’s about the life that happens to you while you’re waiting. We talked to the restaurant dramas leading ladies, Ella Purnell and Caitlin Fitzgerald about their new project.

What is this story about?

"The story is about Tess who moves to New York and gets this temporary job she thinks is a safe place to wait."

So it's all about restaurant drama... I heard you actually went through real training in restaurant skills. Tell me about that experience.

"We did, we broke a lot of plates and wine glasses and wine openers."

"A record number."

Now Caitlin, we know a little about Ella's character, tell us about yours.

"So I play this sort of senior waitress at the restaurant who has been there the longest, knows the most about food and wine, and takes Ella's character, Tess, under her wing."

New York is portrayed as its own character. How does the series do this?

"I think we did a good job of depicting New Yorkers as it really is. It's not always glamorous and glitzy, sometimes it's really lonely, it's really tough, and it's blood, sweat, and tears to make it."

You can catch the premiere of Sweetbitter on Starz May 6th at 8PM.