Emaciated Dog Fighting for His Life After Being Left to Die on Chester Roadside

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CHESTER, PA  -  A dog at the Providence Animal Center is fighting for his life after being found on the side of East 11th Street in Chester.

On Tuesday, officials say the severely emaciated dog wad found near Deshong Park, wrapped in a blanket, placed among the broken glass and trash, and left to die.

Justina Calgiano of the Providence Animal Center in Media says on Tuesday, they got a call about a dog having trouble breathing. One of their humane officers went to the park and found the dog. Calgiano said he was, “…very, very skinny. He was completely skin and bones. He couldn’t even lift his head. We found sly in a blanket, tucked into the woods, and he was just in a really, really sad shape.”

They named him Sly after Slyvester Stallone’s famous boxing character “Rocky,” because the veterinarians helping him say he’s a fighter.

“It was determined that he had an intestinal blockage.  He had a rope toy, or what looked like a tiny mop inside of him. So we performed emergency surgery to remove that blockage, and Sly is in our care, recovering right now,” explained Calgiano.

Officials working on the case say when he was found, he had an abdominal shave, as well as a shave on his arm where a catheter might go, which indicates he may have received prior vet care.

Calgiano said, “We can put together is perhaps a family tried to figure out what was going on with him; perhaps why he was so skinny, and determined they might not be able to afford treatment and maybe they just got rid of him…We need people to know that that is not ok and that’s not an appropriate way of handling your pet.”

Officials with Providence Animal Center say right now their investigators are looking into where he may have been treated or if anyone recognizes him.

“We really just need to figure out who did this to Sly and why they did it, and figure out how we can get justice for him…whatever that really means. Our hope is that we will be able to find him a forever home.”

Updates on Sly’s condition are being posted on the Animal Center’s Facebook Page.

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