Employees Set Up Memorial In Honor Of Woman Killed On Southwest Flight

Wells Fargo employees in Center City have set up a memorial in honor of Jennifer Riordan. She’s the 43 year-old married mother of two children that died on Southwest Airlines flight 1380. She was an executive with Wells Fargo.

Riordan died from her injuries after being partially sucked out of a broken window on that airplane.

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board recovered pieces of the jet engine that landed in Berks County. It’s about 70 miles away from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Investigators have spent the past few days examining the engine on the plane to try and figure out what went wrong.

The Federal Aviation Administration says they will order inspections on similar engines.

The NTSB said a preliminary look at the engine showed that one of its fan blades was missing and that there was evidence of metal fatigue where the blade attaches to the hub.

Investigators said they are also focusing on how the window frame came out which lead to Riordan's death.

Several other passengers were injured in that incident.

PHL 17's Khiree Stewart reported live from the site of the memorial.