This Spot in Philly Is Offering Kombucha On Tap

Grab the growlers! Whether you like it or not, kombucha continues to grow in popularity. Local company Inspired Brews serves up handcrafted kombucha with unique and seasonal ingredients right in Old City.

When you hear the word "bacteria" it doesn't exactly sound like something you want to put in your body, but Co-Owner of Inspired Brews Fermentary Jessa Stevens says the right kinds of bacteria can work wonders. She's been drinking the probiotic tea for the last seven years.

"It may be an acquired taste, but then as people start drinking it... it kind of becomes like your system craves it."

Jessa began brewing at home and later decided to turn her hobby into her career. You can find her and her nine employees on the corner of 3rd & Vine Streets in Old City.

There's only three ingredients in the fermented drink: tea, sugar and a culture.

"The culture for bacteria is called a Scoby. It stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast so the bacteria and yeast are living organisms working together to break down the tea and sugar."

Kombucha has two fermentation stages. The first stage is the tea, sugar and the culture. Once it's made kombucha, it's flavored. In total, the brewing process takes about two weeks before it's bottled up.

So why should you drink it?

"Better digestion, better energy... I felt like my hair and nails started growing faster when I started personally drinking it. It's got tons of Vitamin B."

Are you hoping on the Boocha bandwagon?