Spring Yard Tips

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The warmer months should be the time to enjoy your backyard with friends and family. Instead many of us waste too much time on weeding and other boring, repetitive chores. HGTV Star and DIY Handyman, Chip Wade has a list of smart things you can do in Spring that will mean less time working on your backyard and more time having fun there.

"Weeding is the one thing that people constantly ask me questions about when it comes to spring. They see the beautiful weather, but they also know that weeds are on the way. My goal this summer for everyone is to not be pulling weeds and having to work in your backyard but rather enjoying it."

"The reason people despise weeds so much is because they spend so much time having to get rid of them. On average, Americans are spending about five hours a month pulling weeds. So instead of waiting for a weed to grow, I use something called a pre-emergent to keep the weeds from ever seeing the light of day. I've been working with a product called Preen for a number of years. This is basically the gold standard for professional gardeners for the last 50 years. I use a product called Preen Extended Control which blocks weeds for six months and allows you to spread granules evenly. These granules actually create a weed barrier that prevents weed-seeds from developing roots. So again, the idea is if weeds never grow, you're not having to pull them. You're able to enjoy yourself in the backyard with your family and friends."

For more information on some cool projects for the summer visit  chipwade.com or visit preen.com to figure out how to keep those weeds at bay and enjoy the summer with family and friends.