Several States Sue Trump Administration About Census Question

Leaders in several states plan on suing the Trump administration about their plans to add a question on whether someone is a citizen to the upcoming 2020 census.

Critics are concerned that a persons response could affect a states population count and its access to federal funding.

California was the first to challenge to this question. Now, New York's Attorney General says he is leading a multi-state lawsuit. New Jersey says it will join in on that suit as well. 

Critics say that non-citizen immigrants who fear answering this question may skip the census all together. They say that could lead to an inaccurate picture of the number of people living in our country.

They think it could also mean that states with larger numbers of people who withhold their responses could lose federal funding for things that are determined by population size like highways or health insurance.

The Trump administration says the Department of Justice asked for this information.

Lawmakers in some states are also concerned they could lose seats in Congress, but leaders from states with a smaller proportion of non-citizens say the change could help them gain congressional seats.

The citizenship question has not been on the full census since the 1950's, but it does appear on the yearly American Community Survey.