LG Launches Stress Management Program For Youths

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LG Electronics kicked off “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” project on International Day of Happiness. So how do we drop the stress and get happy? Dr. Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas, Ph.D. from the Greater Good Science Center, shares her habits and skills to reduce stress and create sustainable happiness at any age.

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What is LG's Life's Good program, what is it and how does it work?

"This project is an initiative to bring happiness skills to teens all over the country. The aim is to give them the capacity to manage stress in a healthier and more productive way and handle life's challenges and essentially build a sustainable happiness habit."

Why is this project is so important?

"Now more than ever, teens are facing unhealthy levels of stress and because of that, it is important to provide them with specific knowledge and skills that will help them manage stress. What many people don't often think of is how valuable happiness is to being an antidote to stress. When we start from a place of sustained happiness, we're better able to handle stress. One of the vehicles of that is through more satisfying and benevolent relationships with other people. One of the key skills of happiness is positive social connections. To the extent that we foster healthy and constructive friendships with other people, we're able to handle stress and realize happiness day in and day out. This is particularly important for teens who become more oriented towards their peers during adolescence."

How can we drop stress in our lives? Any ideas?

"One of the simplest ways to handle stress right in the moment is to take a deep calming breath. It sounds trivial but it really works. So breathe in, fill your lungs and breathe out more slowly than you breathe in. That act of breathing out more slowly engages physiological systems that calm your nervous system."

For more information and lessons on all of the principles, visit lgexperiencehappiness.com.

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