Stormy Daniels Breaks Her Silence About Alleged Affair

Stormy Daniels is breaking her silence. The adult film star sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes Sunday night.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims she had sex with Trump back in 2006 during a celebrity golf tournament.

She spoke with Anderson Cooper and described her experience with the now president.

This interview comes after Daniels says she signed a $130,000 dollar hush agreement with the president's lawyer days before the 2016 election. Daniels said she's violating the agreement and risking a $1 million dollar fine by speaking out, but she says she did the 60 Minutes interview to defend herself,

Daniels claimed that she agreed to sell her story to "In Touch" magazine for $15,000 dollars, back in 2011. Two former employees of the magazine said the publication backed out of the deal after getting threatened with a lawsuit from Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen.

Daniels later claims she was threatened to stay silent back in 2011 when she was in Las Vegas.

She and her attorney said they have been fighting to void that non-disclosure agreement. Daniels claims she signed the agreement because she felt like she had no choice.

She also filed a civil suit earlier this month claiming the agreement is invalid and Trump never signed it.

President Trump has denied the affair ever happened.