Apple Proposes New Accessibility Emojis

Apple is looking to have emojis represent people with disabilities. The tech giant is asking for 13 new additions to the emoji family in a bid to represent all people.

In addition with working closely with organizations that help those with disabilities, Apple recently proposed a new set of accessibility emojis to the nonprofit organization that sets the global standard for emojis, Unicode Consortium.

The new list of emojis includes: an ear with a hearing aid, a person in a wheelchair, a prosthetic arm, a service dog and a person with a cane.

Apple said it chose options that are most inclusive to people in four main categories: blind and low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, physical motor disabilities and hidden disabilities.

The company notes this is a starting point, not a comprehensive list of all potential new emojis. But if Unicode adopts the emojis, it will release guidelines so that software designers can make versions for their platforms. The new emojis could be available as soon as 2019.