CrossFit University City gets PHL17 in shape for summer

PHILADELPHIA, PA - With Spring days away, and beach season right around the corner, PHL17's Matt Alba is getting some help from the coaches at CrossFit University City to get in shape for summer!

If you’ve already given up on your New Years resolution, coach and co-owner of CrossFit University City, Terrence Fenningham says, “It’s not too late!”

CrossFit combines weightlifting, cardio, plyometrics, and even gymnastics into a fun competitive workout.

Fenningham told PHL17, “We say that routine is the enemy and we really try to mix and match all of our workouts.”

It may be intimidating to some when you see athletes lifting very heavy weights on ESPN, but it’s really not like that at most gyms and coaches say anyone can do it.

“The soccer mom, the older doctors that come in here, we have normal college students, so this really is for everybody,” said Fenningham.

Fenningham served our country in the Navy and offers discounts to military members.

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