Local Bakery Bakes Up Tasty Creations for Saint Patrick’s Day

Irish tradition lives at Haegele`s bakery on Barnett Street in Philadelphia. Glen and Richard Haegele own and run the shop.

Each year, they bake up tasty creations for the week leading up to Saint Patrick`s Day. They call it “Irish week”.

“It`s tradition of that particular culture from that part of the world,” said Haegele.

One of their most popular dishes are Irish Potatoes. It`s an Irish candy with a creamy coconut filling that’s rolled in cinnamon sugar.

“We use butter, heavy cream and cream cheese. It's very rich, very soft on the inside and creamy,” said Haegele.

They said that Irish Soda Bread is another favorite.

“It`s very tight grain and it has a unique taste and we make it with blanch raisins which gives it moisture," said Haegele.

 The Haegele`s said that some days they make and sell up to 50 loaves of Irish Soda Bread and sell several boxes of the Irish Potatoes.

Generations of Haegele`s have helped Philadelphians get a taste of Ireland each Saint Patrick`s Day and they plan to keep doing it for generations to come.

“It`s just a happy, fun week for people,” said Haegele. “I think Irish Week is everybody`s week. '