Women’s History Month: Travel Survey

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In time for Women’s History Month, travel journalist Patricia Schultz discusses why women travel, how traveling empowers them and tips for women travelers.

Schultz has spent decades traveling and found that the operative word is empowerment.

"I think travel makes us inspired. Women find that it makes us strong. It makes us resilient, creative and just all around independent in ways that sitting at home on the couch simply cannot."

A recent survey showed women are traveling more and to a greater variety of destinations.

"They've just understood that it opens your head, your eyes and your horizons. All of those life lessons you learn abroad, you bring with you into your own life and into your own world."

Schultz said international travel is the way to go. It gives you an authentic, genuine immersion into the local culture.

"You want to sit with a family, break bread, see their customs and you really want to feel that there's an engagement or a connection."

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