Parents and Teachers Attend White House Forum on Gun safety

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President Trump met with survivors of the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School for a White House forum where they discussed gun safety.

Family members of the victims were there and did not hold back their emotions.

A father who lost his daughter during the shooting expressed his grief and frustration.

“It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it and I'm pissed, because my daughter...I'm not going to see again,” said Andrew Pollack.

Pollack joined dozens of other students and teachers from across the country including Parkland, Florida and one woman who lost her son in the Sandy Hook shooting.

President Trump said that he would get to work on the problem "two minutes" after the meeting.

He also mentioned that he thinks concealed carry for teachers could also be a potential solution.

"We're going to work cause this is a long-term situation that we have to solve,” he said. "You've gone through extraordinary pain and we don't want others to go through the kind of pain that you've gone through.”

Meanwhile, students from all over the country held a protest outside the White House. Organizers held a moment of silence and the names of the Parkland, Florida victims were read aloud.

President Trump also said he is considering raising the purchase age for certain firearms. The National Rifle Association said they do not support that idea.



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