Crowds Of People Line Broad Street For Eagles Victory Parade

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Philadelphians lined the streets of Center City to watch history.

The Philadelphia Eagles road down Broad Street towards the art museum. One of the players held the Vince Lombardy trophy.

“We`ve been waiting for this our whole life,” said one fan.

Some of the players got off the bus to be with the crowd. Several fans climbed trees and buildings to catch of glimpse.

Rebecca Shannon came all the way from South Carolina and thinks this is the beginning of a new era for the city.

“I can`t imagine not being here for this,” she said. “I think this is going to hold the city together for a long time.”

It was a chilly day with temperatures below freezing, but that didn’t stop fans.

“It`s 100 degrees somewhere and that`s how I feel,” said one fan. “In the Caribbean on an island relaxing, that`s how I feel right now.”

Doug Peterson held the Vince Lombardy trophy as he and his team greeted the crowd.

Quarterback Nick Foles and other players spoke about the impact this had on their lives.

“To be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, to be a part of one of these guys is one of the greatest things I`ve ever done in my life,” he said.

This was more than a parade for the hundreds of thousands of fans that packed the city streets.

For one day, it didn’t matter who you were or what you’ve done. Crowds of people stood together to support our Philadelphia Eagles.

“It`s about family, community, and all these people coming together,” said an Eagles fan. “That`s what makes this team so special.”

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