Eagles Parade Preparations Day 2

Crews have been working tirelessly to get Broad Street and the Ben Franklin Parkway ready for the crowds. The city says up to three million people could flock to the city for this historic event.

City officials say there will be 14 video monitors along the parkway and the parade route for people to watch the ceremony if they can't get all the way to the Art Museum.

The parade kicks off at Broad and Pattison at 11 AM and they plan on going around City Hall and up the parkway arriving at the Art Museum within two hours. The ceremony on the Art Museum steps is scheduled for 1 PM- 3 PM.

If that's the city's plan, they're going to have to move quicker than they did in 2008 at the Phillies parade.  It was a shorter route than the Eagles parade and took three hours total, an hour longer than they expected.

Of course Philadelphia police want people to be aware of their surroundings. Backpacks are permitted, but police say if anyone sees one that is left unattended, you should tell an officer or call 911.