Best & Worst Big Game Commercials

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Millions of Americans tuned into Sunday’s big game for the football of course, but it wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without the commercials. USA TODAY’s Charisse Jones broke down which commercials viewers rated the best and worst.

There's no question about which commercial ranked the best on this year's Ad Meter competition.

"It was Amazon's Alexa and how could it not win? It really tapped into the cultural moment. The idea of her losing her voice is frankly terrifying. It really tapped into our obsession with technology, our dependence on it and it had this great slate of celebrities. People just loved it."

On the flip side of that, Diet Coke came in dead last on Ad Meter.

"I just think people did not get what they were talking about. They're really trying to re-brand themselves and appeal more to millennials, but they had a young actress people did not recognize. I just think it came across a little bit awkward, a little silly and it didn't connect with people so it did really poorly."

When asked how this year's ads compared to last year's, Charisse said this year's commercials really tried to take a stand on social causes without being too political.

"Last year you had 84 Lumber, which evoked the border wall and immigrants coming from Mexico. You didn't see a lot of commercials that were that blatantly political this year, but you did see a lot that were trying to talk about social issue. Budweiser had an ad that was filmed at its plant in Georgia that gets drinking water to victims of natural disasters. Hyundai talked about its pediatric cancer charity. Toyota had these very moving ads about the Paralympic skier who was born without legs and went on to win eight gold medals."

An increasing trend in advertisement is the public wanting to know that they're not just giving money for profits, but that corporations also care about fellow citizens.

What was your favorite commercial?