Eagles Parade Preparations

The Eagles have landed and for the first time ever the Vince Lombardi trophy is in Philadelphia. Now, the focus turns towards the big celebratory parade.

Parade preps are fully underway at the Art Museum. The stage is being constructed and the speakers have been raised ahead of Thursday's event.

The parade is set to end at the Art Museum after a long route from the stadium, up Broad Street to City Hall and then down the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Over the weekend, authorities began putting metal barricades and hundreds of porta-potties along the parade route similar to what the city saw during the Pope's visit in 2015. On Thursday, all Philadelphia and Archdiocesan schools will be closed as city officials are expecting millions of people to flock to the parade.

And what about that free Bud Light the company promised fans back in the summer?

Bud Light tweeted that 25 bars along the parade route will be offering one free bud light to anyone 21 and over. The deal came last summer after Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson said in an interview if the eagles win the super bowl, he would give out beer to everybody.

Bud Light tweeted to Johnson, "Let's make a bet. Win it all and the party is on us." Right now no details have been released regarding which bars will honor the deal nor how they'll keep track of the one beer-per-person rule.