New Year, New You

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From cleaning out your closet to adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “New Year, New You.” Lifestyle expert Josh McBride is back in studio and shared just what that means.

If one of your resolutions is to spend more time with your family and less time on your phone try the OurPact Parental Control and Family Locator App.

"This app is great to prevent internet and screen-time addiction for your kids. This allows parents to actually manage their screen time. It's great for family mealtime or homework time."

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Now what about all of those old pictures you have stored away in your closet? Legacy Republic has a solution.

"It's great to clean out those photos from your closet and sort of give an updated creating a reel of your families' own red carpet situations, entertainment situations or party situations. You can convert all your negatives, all your photos, all you VHS tapes into one."

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As the New Year rolls around, a lot of folks focus on what they're eating. Josh brought along a different kind of granola bar.

"Let's talk about Made Good granola bars. We love having the veggies in the bar. Chocolate chip, chocolate banana, mixed berry...each bar contains one whole serving of veggies so spinach, carrots, from the top allergens, including gluten and soy."

Learn more about the bars here. They can also be found at Whole Foods and ShopRite.

Now if you're looking for something more substantial, try some products from Garden Lites.

"Chocolate muffins, banana chocolate chip muffins, super-food veggie cakes, blueberry waffles...veggies is always the first ingredient in these products. Helping you eat more veggies, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Find these products here or at your local Target, ShopRite and Giant.

Another great resolution? Dedicating more time to yourself and the brand Rituals helps you do just that.

"It's great to sort of invigorate your home and invigorate yourself. It's all about taking that time to slow down, finding happiness in the smallest of places and things."

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Lastly, if you're trying to update your interior design head to JCPenney.

"It's your one stop shopping destination, offering a variety of stylish and affordable merchandise. You can really update your style in your house and they have some great healthy options for you to stay on track for the next year."

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