The Travel Mom Shares Tips for Planning the Perfect Vacation

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Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman shares some vacation travel tips for both international and domestic travel.

International travel can be  intimidating for a lot of people and it doesn't have to be. People want to start checking those international destinations off their bucket list and here's a few tips to accomplish that.

I recommend searching with the key words of wherever you're going to visit plus check out the visitor and convention center for that place. They'll give you free information as a comprehensive resource. For example, I visited Hong Kong and went to to plan my trip. It's so easy to get there from Philadelphia. It has vibrant night life, lots of shopping and is a place that's rich in history and culture.

Also I want you to think outside the box when it comes to domestic travel. When it comes to spring break, we all think about Florida but you might not be thinking about Tallahassee.  will help you plan a perfect vacation to Tallahassee. When it comes to spring time, there are flowers everywhere and loads of festivals. There are so many hands-on immersive things you can do with your family.

Also we saw a lot of natural disasters in the last year-- hurricanes, fires in Florida, and that recent snow bomb that just hit the eastern seaboard. So I'm a big proponent of travel insurance and I recommend Travel Guard. is a perfect place to go to get information so you can layer together plans to protect your investment. We protect other things that we purchase, we might as well purchase the travel insurance as well.

These are just a few small things that can really enhance your travel experience and help you plan the perfect trip.