Lifelong Eagles Fan Decorates Home for Super Bowl

It might be hard to find someone who lives Philadelphia that loves the Eagles as much as Patrick West.

If you walk into his home in South Philadelphia, you`ll see Eagles plates, cups, clocks, flags and find jerseys everywhere.

Even the entire front of his house is decked out with Eagles decorations.

"It took me a while to decorate everything, but I loved every moment of it,” said West.

He said his passion for the Eagles began when he started going to home games with friend back in the early 1970’s.

“Every game we would go down and buy tickets and then when I got married my wife got me season tickets and it just continued,” he said.

West says he`s been to almost every home game in the last 40 years. Over time, started collecting all kinds of stuff. He has vintage jerseys and even autographed footballs.

Making it to the big game this year is a dream come true for West.

“I think we shocked the whole country and I think we`re going to shock them again on Sunday," said West.

He went to Jacksonville in 2005 when the Eagles played the Patriots. Even though we did not win that game, West thinks this one will be very different.

“I just want that one win where we can say we won,” he said. “We`re the champs and nobody can take it away from us.”