Big Game Superstitions

Do you have any Eagles superstitions? Maybe an old jersey you always wear or what about a certain spot you have to sit in to watch the game?

We’ve heard a lot of interesting game time rituals and most of them came out of our very own building.

One of PHL17's digital sales coordinators Conor Burke shared a widely-popular superstition.

"It's not as gross as it sounds, but I haven't washed my jersey since we've been in the playoffs."

And you can count out Regional Sales Manager Rich Hammond's house for a watch party.

"We're feeling like we don't want to have the party at our house because we've had a lot of playoff games at our house and the Eagles have lost so we're off. None of our friends want to come to our house to watch the game."

Our very own Jason Lee is still scarred from a childhood experience.

"Sports pastry is bad luck. I remember as a little kid watching Super Bowl XV and my grandmother had this big cake that said 'Go Eagles.' Eagles were playing the Oakland Raiders so we got this big cake and we all know what happened...the Eagles lost."

Lead Anchor Jennifer Lewis-Hall has been rocking Eagles green all week long.

"I feel like if I don't wear green any day this week it could be bad luck so every single day I'm wearing green."

Something PHL17's Chandler Lutz will not be wearing?  Her Ertz jersey.

"The one time this season I wore it he got the concussion so never wearing that."

Our Khiree Stewart has only lived in Philadelphia for one year and recently bought his first Eagles t-shirt.

"I'm going to hope it's good luck because I really want the Eagles to win."

Lastly, Morning News Managing Producer Matt Toal will not be watching the entire game.

"I've not watched an entire game in its entirety yet. I've got to at least leave the room for a part because if I don't I feel like they're going to lose. "

Mayor Jim Kenney said he will not jinx the Eagles ahead of Sunday's game by placing a jersey atop City Hall on William Penn. The city placed a Phillies baseball cap on the statue during the 1993 World Series and a Flyers jersey during the 1997 Stanley Cup Final and both teams lost.