Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

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It’s cold and flu season so how can we stay healthy? Dr. Keri Peterson shared some tips on how to get through these contagious months.

Dr. Peterson's first recommendation? Wash your hands regularly. If you don't have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer works as well.

Her next tip is to take medicine at the first sign of a cold.

"I always recommend carrying Cold-Eeze Zinc lozenges. They've been clinically proven to reduce the effects of a cold by 42%. It's a brand that pharmacists trust. They come in lozenges, gummies, quick melts and oral sprays. "

You can find these at local drugstores stores, but Walmart specifically carries a defense brand with added ingredients like elderberry that support immune health. To learn more about Cold-Eeze products, visit

Dr. Peterson's third tip is to get enough rest and eat healthy.

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