“Look good, play good!” Where Eagles players get their hair cut

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Over half a dozen Eagles’ defensive players all go to the same barber in South Philly to make sure they look good before a game. Before leaving for Super Bowl LII, PHL17’s Matt Alba spoke to several players about looking fresh for the fans in Minnesota.

For Eagles players, this week is all about staying focused and practicing for the New England Patriots this coming weekend; but last weekend before they left for Minnesota, players had some time to focus on themselves.

There’s an old saying and you probably know it, “Look good, feel better!” For many Eagles players, that message holds true on the field as well.

Eagles linebacker Brandon Graham has been getting cut by Will Mack of South Street Barbers since he became an Eagle.  Graham told PHL17, “You know, that’s what we try to do every week! We try to make sure we look good so we can play good. I’ve been going to him since 2010 and he’s a great guy.”

Graham has since turned his defensive teammates on to South Street Barbers.

The day before the Eagles flew to Minnesota, one after another walked through Mack’s door on South Street. Fletcher Cox, Destiny Vaeao, and Brandon Graham got cut by Mack within two hours of each other.

For cornerback Jalen Mills, aka the Green Goblin, his unique cut and color requires a little extra work. Mills told PHL17, “I have my barber come to the house because it’s kind of hard for me to go into a barbershop with the green hair, people notice you immediately!”

Throughout the season Eagles fans have copied his signature style and shared pictures of their green hair online. Mills said he loves their dedication and told them, “Definitely keep it up! Let’s make it go viral!” He also explained how he plans on getting his green locks dyed again before Super Bowl LII, “100% got to have it touched up, the head of green shining, definitely for that Sunday Super Bowl game.”

But not all Eagles players will be getting a fresh cut. Special teams star and Eagles linebacker Bryan Brahman says he’s been growing his luscious locks since 2011. Braman explained, “There are guys that really do focus on getting a haircut and making sure they are fresh and lined up every week. I think that’s why I have long hair, because that seems like a lot of maintenance for me. I’m definitely not that type of guy that’s worried about it that much, but I think the long hair seems to work for me kind of like the line ups work every week for them.”

So now that the birds are looking and feeling fresh, they shift their focus to the field and prepare for the Patriots!