Feel the Barre Balanced Burn

Research shows that towards the end of January, 80% of people let their New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. We’re talking specifically about those fitness resolutions.

A good way to prevent this? Try challenging yourself with a new type of exercise. PHL17’s Matt Alba went where few men have gone before him to do just that.

Barre Balanced in Glenn Mills, Delaware County is not your run-of-the-mill gym meaning you won't find treadmills, ellipticals or weight machines there.

Alexa Chambers has been a Barre instructor for three years and explained to us exactly what the exercise is.

"Barre is a workout that is based around fitness, but we also like to incorporate dance technique into it. Instead of using heavy weights and short reps, we use light weights and do tons of variations of different reps. We focus on one muscle group at a time and our focus is to really burn out that muscle group."

Barre gets its name from the ballet bar used during the class, but it's nothing like a traditional ballet class.

“We get to do some fun variations with it. A lot of times we’ll lay down, we’ll put our feet up on it so it’s not your average take on a ballet bar. We definitely use it in multiple ways, which is pretty fun.”

And you can say goodbye to the classical music!

"When you're working out, you don't want classical ballet music. You want something that's going to make you want to do one more push-up, lift your leg a little bit higher, go a little bit deeper in that lunge so we definitely take the time to work on our playlist."

Barre Balanced is celebrating its four year anniversary this year and over those four years only three guys have tried a class. The word "ballet" tends to steer some men away.

“I think they think we come in here and we just dance around, but that’s not the case. We come in here and we workout hard. We would love to have more men come in and try it because it’s a great full body workout and we don’t want them to be intimidated by all the women."

Classes are coed and available to people of all ages. For beginners, the studio recommends coming in two to three times a week. They offer a full one hour class or an express 45 minute session.

In February, the studio is hosting a "Bring Your Boy to Barre" Valentine's special on February 9th and 10th so if this looks like an exercise a guy you know would like to try, check it out!