A Small Change Can Make a Big Impact on Your Health

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Registered dietitian Annessa Chumbley believes it’s easy to make a big impact by making one small change when it comes to food. Annessa explains what we can eat more of, healthy habits we can get into, and recipes we should use.

"One thing everyone should do is prep a protein at the beginning of the week and pair it with plants throughout the week," Annessa says. "You've got motivation right there on your side. It is easier when you start with one change and repeat it over and over, because it's better if you're consistently good as opposed to occasionally perfect."

"The perfect protein to prep is open nature air chilled chicken, found exclusively at Acme Markets. It's air chilled- each chicken was processed with purified air. It's got a mouthwatering delicious flavor, but it's also going to be up to three times higher in those beneficial heart healthy omega three fats we all need. It's also lower in dietary cholesterol and cage-free. Throw it in the crock pot, and you'll find ways to use it throughout the week."

As for her favorite ingredients, Annessa describes what she likes to cook with.

"I have a full day's worth of healthy eating from 'O Organics,' my favorite organic brand available exclusively at Acme Markets. I love it because they've made healthy eating approachable and affordable."

To find healthy recipes you can make at home, visit AcmeMarkets.com.

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