Smash Hit “Siesta Key” Returns to MTV

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The temperatures outside may be cold, but one of MTV’s latest reality series Siesta Key is heating up. Eight new episodes return this January and fan favorites Brandon Gomes and Juliette Porter joined us with a sneak peak.

The series follows a group of young adults who live in and around Siesta Key, an island off the coast of Florida.

A season's worth of ups and downs came to head during last year's summer finale so what can fans look forward to this time around? Sun, fun and of course drama! This season new friendships and relationships begin, while old ones end.

Porter revealed not much has changed since the last time viewers saw her on MTV.  During the summer finale, Juliette decided that she wasn’t ready to dive in with cast member Garrett Miller after all, but now there's a different story.

"I'm with Garrett and we're trying to work through our relationship. You can see our ups and downs and how other people get in the way."

Brandon is still pursing his music career and said the industry is treating him "phenomenally."

When asked how the cast members are getting along right now, Juliette and Brandon laughed.

"That's a loaded question. It's very convoluted. Things are a little messed up I think. We always are in each other's relationships, but we try to keep it civil even though that doesn't always work out, " said Porter.

Brandon added, "It's like a roller coaster. Very up and down...Up and up and then down."

Fans can catch the show Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.