Fresh & Healthy Beginnings

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When healthy New Year resolutions are set many people start saying no to everything, but what if you could say yes? Registered dietitian nutritionist and author Dawn Jackson Blatner showed us how.

January is the time of year when people want to get healthy. Resolutioners start saying "no" to favorite foods and social occasions. Blatner said this is not right!

"We need to start saying yes and have fun with our food to keep our New Year's resolution going."

Blatner's first piece of advice? Eat more fruits and vegetables.

ALDI's "Earth Grown" is a new line for those trying out plant-based diets. The line includes products like veggie burgers and vegan shredded cheese.

Simply Nature is another favorite line.

"Free of 125 artificial ingredients. Anybody who is looking to eat clean or use more organic coconut oil, this is the opportunity to try it at a very affordable price," said Blatner.

One of the hardest things about New Year resolutions is sticking with them. Blatner said it's easier to stick with your resolutions if you eat what you crave, but start swapping out the unhealthy ingredients with healthful ingredients.

"In the morning if you grab a piece of toast and jelly, start swapping better stuff. ALDI has a whole grain bread or you can make marmalade, which is just two ingredients, no sugar added. Just oranges and chia seeds. It is so delicious."

For a grab-and-go breakfast, Blatner suggested vegan oatmeal bites. This recipe contains oatmeal, nuts and seeds.

Lunch is a little bit more tricky.

"Tacos are fun. Why not have a veggie patty taco? You just have tortilla, veggie patty and a slaw on top."

Lastly, you don't have to cut out desserts. Frozen yogurt is a great option.

"Just three ingredients...yogurt, strawberries and dark chocolate. You can feel satisfied, while still being healthy."

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