Authorities say murdered New Jersey radio host April Kauffman’s husband hired hitman

Atlantic County, NJ – The husband of a murdered New Jersey radio host, James Kauffman, is accused of having his wife, April Kauffman, killed in order to protect an alleged drug ring he ran with the Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

At a news conference in Atlantic County, authorities said James Kauffman and a friend, 61-year-old Ferdinand Augello, a member of the Pagans, set up an illegal drug distribution network for OxyContin through Kauffman’s medical practice in Linwood.

Investigators say April, a popular radio host and veterans’ advocate, wanted a divorce and threatened to expose the drug ring.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor, Damon Tyner, explained Kauffman’s motive to have April killed by saying, “As a result of April Kauffman’s desire to divorce James Kauffman, he was intent to have her killed as opposed to losing his financial empire.”

Kauffman allegedly spent over a year looking for someone to kill April and eventually he and Angello found a hitman willing to kill her. 52-year-old Francis Mulholland, a Pagan associate of Kauffman’s drug enterprise, is accused of entering the Kauffman’s home in Linwood and shooting April twice, killing her back in 2012. Francis Mulholland has since died of a drug overdose.

Prosecutors say the drug network continued for five years after April’s murder.

Four other people are also facing murder and racketeering charges in the case.