How A New App Can Help Stop America’s Silent Killer

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According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, adverse drug reactions now tie with stroke as the 4th leading cause of death. Pharmacist Robert Baker joins us to discuss what some are calling, America’s silent killer and how his newest invention could help save lives.

Welcome Robert. As a pharmacist what made you decided to come up with the MyRxProfile app?

"Well I've been a pharmacist for 30 years in New York. I have had a chain of drug stores, and I noticed over the years people didn't have prescription lists. They would get drug interactions with their prescription drugs and their over-the-counter drugs, and there was a need for it because people were dying, and people were getting very sick. Right now it's the fourth leading cause of death, adverse drug reactions, and also 120,000 people a year die. So I decided to develop this app, took about 3 years, and the way it works is you scan over-the-counter items with the bar code, and then you scan a word on a prescription bottle. So if a pharmacist gives you a bottle, you just scan the word. And then you make profiles, and it gives you interactions immediately on the go. So, the profiles can check all the interactions. You can do your family, you can do your mother, son, daughter. There's drug information on here, images, and then you can make the profile and send it to your doctor. You can email it. So this is the only app that you can do it on the go, so you walk into a drug store, you pick up a bottle of something, you want to check an over the counter'll tell you right away. So it's a super app that will save lives."

It sounds like it. So now that this is available, what is the feedback from the community?

"People love it. They can't believe it when they see it because it's instantaneous, right on the go. And they love when you scan something you get reaction right there. Because people stop taking their medication or they go to the doctor and say 'Listen there's an interaction here. Can you check?' because it's helping people tremendously and it will save lives."

You can find download the MyRxProfile app on the App Store or get in on Google Play.