2018 Mummers Parade Results

Here are your 2018 Mummers Parade Results

String Bands

String Band Captains

  • Jim Good –Quaker City
  • Scott Wray –Fralinger
  • Tom Robison –Woodland
  • Thomas D’Amore –Joseph A. Ferko
  • Jake Kudrick– Duffy
  • Denny Palandro– South Philadelphia
  • John Baron –Hegeman
  • Jamie Caldwell –Uptown
  • Nick Magenta– Polish American
  • Ken Maminski –Aqua
  • William “Wild Bill” Razzano– Greater Overbrook
  • Joseph Pomante– Durning
  • Jeff Moyer– Greater Kensington
  • Joe Accetta –Pennsport
  • Carmen Maniaci Sr. — Avalon
  • Patrick Walton Sr. — Peter A. Broomall

Fancy Brigades


  • Murray

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  • Peter Marandola

    I don’t know how the South Philly Vikings lost 1st place. Yes Golden Crown was great but the Vikings stole the show with a beautiful flawless performance.

  • Bill

    Great performance by Jake kudrick.He showed talent and maturity beyond his years.I am sure his family and band are most proud of him.An absolutly courages performance and a top 5 captains’ finish.congradulations.

    • Happenin'

      Apparently his club knows true talent and what a heart he has. What strength.

      Very touching last moments after the performance. How moving.

      For all of it, Allentown loves him too!

  • John

    the last time i was at a mummers parade was on new years day 1993 and this one was awsome !! I watched it on line but it was like being there good job people !!!

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