Part III: A Healthy Holiday…Is It Possible?

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Carissa Bealert is back to share what she gives during the holidays.

"Things I like to give people from the kitchen are things to help them cook more at home and to cook better meals."

Although a lot of the latest gifts involve technology, a traditional cookbook is a great go-to gift. You can customize it by writing personal notes in the borders and pass it along to other family members.

Another great idea? Upgrading kitchen utensils or scheduling "cooking dates."

"If you make great pasta, schedule a ‘cooking date’ with a family member where you bring the supplies and cook together. Share that time together over a gift. It will be a great memory that can hopefully lead to some healthier habits."

But if you're looking for that techy gift, think about updating your kitchen's lighting fixtures.

"Three out of four Americans suffer daily from eyestrain, but most don’t realize that the lighting they use at home may be contributing to the problem. Good light leads to good health, which is why the OttLite Wellness Series was designed. They are the only lamps designed specifically with eye health in mind."

The line has been proven to reduce eye fatigue by 51% and delivers the closest thing to natural daylight available indoors. Bealert brought along three lamps and showed how you can adjust the brightness and charge your devices with built-in USB ports.

For more information on the OttLite Wellness Series click here.

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