Part II: A Healthy Holiday…Is It Possible?

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There are plenty of indulgences this time of year so keep it healthy and simple!  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Carissa Bealert joined us in studio with some tips.

The truth is a lot of traditional holiday favorites are based off of natural and wholesome foods.

A quick, easy and popular holiday appetizer is cheese.

"I love Cabot. They have an award-winning line of cheddar cheeses that are delicious and why I recommend them is the ingredient list."

It's a simple combination of milk, cultures and salt. The cheeses are also naturally lactose-free making them a holiday choice everyone can enjoy. Not to mention it's a good source of satisfying protein. This helps you feel fuller longer and avoid overeating less nutrient-rich choices at your holiday parties.

A fun fact is that Cabot has roots here in the Northeast.

"Cabot Creamery is a family-farmer owned cooperative of more than 1,200 farms located throughout New England and New York. One hundred percent of Cabot’s profits go back to their farmers."

Moving onto another staple of the holiday table: the bread basket!

"With Grain Foods, the food you love really does love you back. Offer up a nice variety, put it in a basket, put it on a cutting board, warm it up, let your guest pick."

Grains provide important nutrients like B-vitamins, magnesium, iron, folate and fiber. Whole grains also provide anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

"Grain fuels your brain. Bread and carbohydrates give us the energy to go, go, go!"

Bealert said to aim for about 130 grams a day.

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