Celebrate The Women In Your Life This Season

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It has been said the 2017 is the year of women’s empowerment and the cultural landscape for women in the United States is evolving each day and the message is resonating. Style and Diamond Jewelry Expert Kristen Trustey discusses how style and fashion can be a powerful form of self-expression and how the right piece of diamond jewelry can be an extension of a woman’s unique taste, personality and story.

In what ways has the cultural landscape and the roles of women today changed?

"So especially this year its been such an exciting time for female empowerment and recently we launched a brand new collection that's all about celebrating women and their unique qualities and characteristics. We had at the event powerhouse women in attendance such as Ashley Graham, who is such a force in the body positivity movement, to Chrissy Teigen, who has a really strong voice and is not afraid to use it. These women, they're all heroes in their own stories, which is what we're seeing. Women aren't being defined by their roles and responsibilities, but more so for their qualities and their journeys and their achievements. So really, we're defining who we are as individuals"

What are some ways we can pay tribute to that special woman this holiday season?

"So a piece of jewelry from the Forevermark Tribute Collection is the perfect way. Each diamond is symbolistic of a characteristic of the woman that together make her a unique and wonderful person that she is. What's really special is that you can be proud to wear these diamonds because its part of Forevermark's ongoing commitment to the support of women. So these diamonds help contribute to good quality health care, education, and career opportunities for women."

Can you tell us what inspired this collection and what makes it unique?

"It's all about celebrating women and each of the diamonds represents a unique quality and really its all about layering. The layering trend is so huge right now and its the perfect personal look and it can either be for day or evening."

Where can we find these diamonds?

"Here in the Philly area we have so many incredible jewelers. Melange, David Craig, Marks and Morton and Rudolph, or you can also visit Forevermark.com."

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