The National Treasury Employees Union: Mythbusters Campaign

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There are many misconceptions about government employees and we caught up with the president of The National Treasury Employees Union, Tony Reardon, for the scoop.

NTEU or The National Treasury Employees Union is comprised of about 150 thousand employees in 31 different federal agencies. Tony says "They are in every community and state across this country and you know they drop kids off at school just like other Americans and they shop in the same grocery store and they're middle class hardworking Americans."

One Myth Tony hopes to bust with this campaign is that federal employees only work in Washington DC when the reality is they're across the country.  "In fact in Pennsylvania there are about 120 thousand federal employees and in the Philadelphia area there are roughly 36 thousand federal employees."

When talking about benefits, especially those that federal employees provide to the American tax payer Tony wants us to realize how important we all are to each other . "To the American public you know we've got the FDA they ensure that we have safe food to eat, you've got the nuclear regulatory commission they monitor our nuclear sites, we've got scientist in the department of energy ensuring that the nuclear materials are safe, we've got CVP officers who are there to protect the security of our country and to ensure that drugs aren't getting in and they facilitate trade and travel so a lot of work that get's done by federal employees impacts every single American."

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