The Cookbook That Makes Anyone A Chef

According to a new study from Men’s Health Magazine, men are taking over the kitchen. With 93% of them preparing meals for themselves and 77% for others. Joining us for more on this study is the James Beard Award-winning Men’s Health editor and author of the new book, A Man, A Pan, A Plan, Paul Kita.

"Men's Health commissioned a study that more men are cooking more often in their kitchens, and it's not just the typical PB&J. We're talking about delicious, nutritious meals the kind that you'll find in Men's Health Magazine,, and in my new book, A Man, A Pan, A Plan."

So what are some of the must haves you have there?

"Absolutely, you need the right kitchen hardware in order to cook great food. The first is a blender, we got the Electrolux Masterpiece Blender here. This thing is a beast. It has a tilted base with titanium coded blades that draws the food down and makes it incredibly smooth, velvety, great for soups and sauces. And then we also have two pans here, the first is Anolon Tri-Ply Clad 8 1/2" Nonstick French Skillet. This book, the book features a lot of recipes you can make in this pan here. It's great heat distribution, perfect for oven safe, dish washer safe. The second pan we have here is the Circulon Ultimum 9.75" Deep Skillet, that handles more food. It's also dish washer and oven safe. You can get the Anolon, at for $45 and the Circulon for $50 at"

Paul, I love the name of your book. Tell me a little about A Man, A Pan, A Plan.

"Oh, thanks so much for asking. Just because "man" is in the title does not mean this book isn't for women. My wife, who's a marathon runner, personally taste tested all the recipes in this book and approved. A hundred delicious nutritious recipes are included-. everything from lasagna, to pizza, to game day wings. If you guys in Philadelphia continue with the awesome Eagles record, you're gonna wanna cook up my crispy, hot wings recipe that's in there. You don't need a deep fryer, super tasty and I promise it'll bring good luck to Carson Wentz and crew."

Well Paul Kita said it folks, Go Birds! For more on Kita's book, A Man, A Pan, A Plan, click here

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