The Caribbean Wants You to Know They’re Open

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Amazingly the recent hurricanes were not enough to knock the wind out of one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Consumer Tech-Life Journalist Jennifer Jolly joins us with the inside scoop on how traveling to the Caribbean can help deliver a dream vacation to some, while providing on-going economic relief to others.

The Caribbean sent a big message recently. If you want to escape to a tropical paradise, they're officially open for business and they're saying there's really never been a better time.

While a handful of islands do need continued help with recovery efforts, Florida Caribbean Cruise Council wants to get the message out that 90% of the Caribbean is ready for tourists.

You can find some really impressive incentives and deals by going straight to the cruise line websites. Also check out The Caribbean Is Open, a brand new site with all of the latest information, photographs and maps with updates on the status of the region's ports. There's also answers to any ongoing questions or concerns.

Starting soon you'll be able to use Amazon's echo devices to book a cruise directly by reaching out to a travel agent or just by saying "Alexa, call cruise planners."

Lastly, if you think going to the Caribbean might interfere with recovery efforts, that's actually the exact opposite. Every cruise generates half a million dollars for their overall economy.

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