The Kitchen Is the New Living Room for the Holidays

If you can believe it, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Style & Design Expert Joe Zee is here with tips to get an early start on holiday planning.

Zee says you can tweak your own kitchen to make it warm and inviting with a few simple changes.

One of the most important kitchen features? The refrigerator! The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is both practical and functional at the same time.

"The 21.5 inch LED touchscreen is your life. You have your shopping list, you can buy groceries with one click on groceries by MasterCard App and you can use a camera to look inside from your phone while you're grocery shopping to see what you need. You can also put up a playlist from Pandora that makes life super simple and fun while you're getting ready."

Once you have all your food, you need to cook it! The Samsung Flex Dual Oven is both a time and space saver. You can have multiple recipes going at once that can be set to different times and temperatures.

"The smells do not even mingle so you don't need to worry about that. If you have a big roast for the holidays, just take out the flex field divider and you can have one big oven."

Joe Zee likes to refer to the kitchen as the new living room.

"You want to invite your friends and family in here and make it fun, warm and inviting. Just put out some store bought things, don't stress yourself! Do your tablescape in something nontraditional. Forget red and green for the holidays."

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